Hispanic Origins

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op 8 oktober 2017

Cultureel event in Latijns Amerikaanse sfeer.Voor ieder wat wils

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Galbe International
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Hispanic Origins is a beautiful festival which celebrates the richness and variety of the “Hispanic” cultures, that resulted from the cultural mix created through the discovery of America on the 12th of October 1492.

This date is a holiday celebrated by many people around the world and thanks to the initiative of its organiser, Cristina Galbe (http://galbeinternational.com), also in The Hague since 2015.

Everything began with Cristina’s fascination for the great cultural diversity of the Spanish-speaking countries, product of the mixture of Spanish conquistador and pre-Hispanic cultures.

And she kept being surprised by the lack of awareness around this cultural variety in Europe ...and decided to do something about it.

Over time, she contacted a number of Latin embassies, artists, and restaurants willing to showcase their respective countries. So, in October 2015 the fist edition of Hispanic Origins took place in The Hague at the Korzo Theater.
It was an amazing and successful evening.

In 2016, this success was repeated at the Hilton Hotel in Den Haag, and for this 2017 edition at the Zuiderstrand Theatre we believe we offer a program which will top those previous experiences - with something for everybody who is willing to discover the latino flair.​

We invite you to join us and immerse yourself in the splendid sounds, tempting treats and colorful culture that Hispanic heritage is famous for.

Kijk voor meer informatie, toegangsprijzen en openingstijden op de website van Galbe International!
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